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Man accused of raping girlfriend and beating her with a baseball bat out of jealousy in Marbella

Man accused of raping girlfriend and beating her with a baseball bat out of jealousy in Marbella

The accused allegedly threatened to kill his partner and is facing a 26-year prison sentence

Juan Cano

Juan Cano


Thursday, 9 February 2023, 13:12


A man has been accused of raping his girlfriend and beating her with a baseball bat in Marbella after she received messages on her mobile phone which made him jealous. The incident occurred when the couple went out for dinner in the town and over the course of the evening they started arguing over the messages she had received. According to the prosecution, the accused allegedly then took his girlfriend to an open field, raped her and beat her with a baseball bat.

The couple, who had been in a relationship for a year but were not living together, left the restaurant at around 11.30pm on 18 August 2020. The man, originally from the Dominican Republic, allegedly pushed his girlfriend into the car while saying: "This is going to end where it started.”

According to the Prosecutor's Office, the man then drove to the Los Pinos housing estate in the Nagüelles area of Marbella. On the way, he allegedly made comments and threats including: "You're going to pay for everything you've done to me; I'm going to kill you, you're not going to get out of this alive; this is not going to end here; you're not going to see my stupid face any more".

Manifest contempt

When they arrived at their destination, they both got out of the car. According to the prosecutor, the accused began to hit his partner in the face and chest. He then allegedly took a baseball bat from the boot and hit her on the face and legs.

Afterwards, they both got into the car and the accused, "with manifest contempt for the victim and her sexual freedom", according to the Public Prosecutor's Office, allegedly raped his partner "grabbing her by the neck to prevent her from getting away, leaving her practically breathless".

Once out of the car, the man allegedly forced her to perform further sexual acts and sexually assaulted her again without using a condom, "acting out of fear - the prosecutor adds - that the accused would attack her physical integrity". The woman suffered injuries from the baseball bat attack from which it took her seven days to recover.


For the Public Prosecutor's Office, the facts constitute a crime of threats, for which it has requested a sentence of 10 months; another of injury, for which it requests four years in prison; and two crimes of sexual assault, for which it proposes (for each one) 11 years in prison, totalling more than 26 years of imprisonment.

The prosecution has also asked the court to impose a 500-metre restraining order and a ban on communication by any means for a period of 20 years if he is convicted. It also requests that the accused pays the victim 6,000 euros in compensation for 'moral damage' and another 350 euros for the injuries caused.


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