Arrest in Marbella for selling banned sexual energisers on the web

Arrest in Marbella for selling banned sexual energisers on the web

Police have arrested a further ten people in other parts of Spain for allegedly belonging to the criminal network that distributed them

Irene Quirante


Tuesday, 15 August 2023

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Spain's National Police force has dismantled a criminal organisation allegedly dedicated to the trafficking of banned anabolic steroids and sexual energisers via the internet and sex shops. The operation resulted in the arrest of eleven people, one of them in Marbella.

The investigation began in June last year, when investigators detected numerous advertisements on various internet portals offering substances banned by the European Union.

Following investigations, police officers discovered that a criminal gang was behind the scheme, whose alleged members were based in the provinces of Tarragona, Seville, Malaga and Valencia, dedicated to marketing banned products and others which, despite being legal, their uncontrolled distribution was also prohibited.

The gang allegedly procured erectile dysfunction drugs, anabolic steroids and other substances such as poppers from the Netherlands, China and India, and then offered them for sale through online pharmacies and sent the products by parcel post.

In addition, the network had sex shops in the towns of Tarragona, Reus and El Vendrell, where they also offered these products.

During the police operation, eleven people were arrested and eleven raids and searches were carried out, where 65,000 pills were seized, including anabolic steroids and sexual energisers, 100 bottles of poppers and 80,500 euros in cash.

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