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Three Costa del Sol resorts in Top 20 tourist destinations in Spain with highest hotel income this summer

The Exceltur report shows that revenue per room was 12.2% higher on the Mediterranean coast than in 2019, but points out that although hotels’ income increased, so did their costs

Pilar Martínez

The Costa del Sol was not just one of the destinations with the highest number of tourists this summer, but one of those where the hotels received the most income. In fact Marbella, Estepona and Benalmádena are among the Top 20 Spanish resorts which earned the most during the peak season, according to Spain's Exceltur in its analysis of the country’s 100 main holiday destinations.

Exceltur is a non-profit group formed by the chairmen of the 35 leading Spanish tourist groups from the airline, cruise, hotel, travel agency, tour operator, credit card, rent-a-car, tourist hospital sectors. It was founded in 2001 with the aim of raising awareness and promoting better knowledge and understanding of the socioeconomic importance of tourism and encouraging the highest level of competitiveness for the Spanish tourism industry to be able to consolidate its lead and continuing its growth in the most sustainable manner.

Marbella is second on the list at an average of 197 euros per room between June and September, but was only one euro behind Ibiza at 198. Estepona, with 181 euros, was fourth and Benalmádena 15th with 119 euros per room, an increase of 17%.

The report shows that revenue per room was 12.2% higher on the Mediterranean coast and the islands than in 2019, with an average of 102.90 euros. In Marbella the RevPAR as it is known, rose by 28.4% compared with three years ago, and in Estepona it went up by 70.8%.

However, Exceltur is keen to point out that although hotels’ income increased, so did their costs. It says energy prices rose by 32.8%, other supplies by 18.1% and labour costs by 10.4%, all of which affect profits.

Urban destinations

With regard to urban destinations, Malaga is also high on the list with an average income of 119 euros per room, which was 22.3% higher than the summer of 2019. It comes behind San Sebastián at 170.40 euros, Barcelona with 145 euros and Palma de Mallorca with 124 euros. However, room prices have risen more in Malaga than in those other cities.

“The cities have ended the summer of 2022 with a level of income per room of 91.4 euros on average, which is 7.2% higher than three years ago and lower than coastal resorts. The increased revenue is mainly due to summer holidays, city breaks and conference tourism,” said Exceltur.