Volunteers at the association's table in the reception area of Marbella's casino / sur

Marbella casino teams up with cancer association to raise funds

The Spanish Association against Cancer has set up a space in the reception area


Casino Marbella has joined forces with Spain’s Association against Cancer (Asociación Contra el Cáncer) to raise awareness of the disease and the work that the association does.

Since 12 May, a space has been opened in the reception area of the premises where volunteers are working to raise funds for research and treatment of the disease. The initiative is one of the many activities that the association has run, since it started in 1953, to help all patients have equal opportunities when it comes to treatment.

In addition to offering palliative care, the association also provides home help and psychological care, as well as support and accompaniment. With the slogan "Make your fight against cancer your flag", the Marbella casino, as it has been doing for 14 years, wants to encourage its users to contribute to one of the greatest health challenges of today.

The Spanish Cancer Association's goal for 2030 is for seven out of ten patients to survive the disease.