Man arrested in Malaga for swindling 50,000 euros through cyber fraud

Man arrested in Malaga for swindling 50,000 euros through cyber fraud

The suspect allegedly accessed the bank accounts of individuals and companies using the man-in-the-middle method


Friday, 17 March 2023

Police have arrested a 26-year-old man in Malaga for alleged computer fraud against various companies and individuals using the method known as "man in the middle" or MITM. According to Spain's National Institute of Cybersecurity, this type of attack is "very dangerous and difficult to detect" and involves intercepting communications between two or more people.

The suspect, using false contacts and computer hacking techniques, allegedly accessed victims' bank accounts and communications, gaining financial information and manipulating it to gain access to more than 50,000 euros.

The investigation began as a result of one victim reporting a case of fraud to the police. She stated that five different bank accounts had been opened in her name, without her consent, and that several financial transactions had been made that she knew nothing about.

The operation, nicknamed ‘Mula’, eventually identified the alleged scammer and led to his arrest. In a search of his home, police seized credit cards, prepaid mobile cards, mobile phones and two laptops, as well as false passports and documents.

Several companies, some of them in other countries, fell victim to the fraud, said the police in a statement. The MITM method involves the cybercriminal gaining access to details of a company's unpaid invoices, changing the bank account details to their own.

The hackers' end goal is to obtain personal details to open a bank account in someone else's name or to modify a company's bank details to receive transfers and payments.



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