There have been many complaints about the state of some rural roads. / sur

Diputación to spend 3.9 million euros on resurfacing 19 roads in Malaga province

The northern area, Antequera, the Axarquía, Sierra de las Nieves, Serranía de Ronda and the Guadalhorce valley will all benefit from the improvements

Eugenio Cabezas

Malaga's provincial authority, the Diputación, has announced that it has awarded contracts worth 3.9 million euros for the resurfacing of 19 roads in different areas of the province. The condition of the roads has been the cause of numerous complaints in recent months, especially from villages which are at risk of depopulation and are trying to attract new residents.

Eight of the roads which are to be improved are in the north of the province and in Antequera, and these works will cost nearly two million euros. They include a new layer of asphalt on 16.7 kilometres of the MA-4403 through Bobadilla Estación, in an attempt to improve accesses to the Puerto Seco dry port, and various improvements to the MA-3101 (the access road to Casabermeja by Los Gámez), five kilometres of the MA-5100 and nearly nine kilometres of the MA-6100 (which serve as an access to and link between Villanueva de Algaidas and Villanueva de Tapia).

Other roads in this area which will benefit from improvements are several stretches of the MA-5405 (access to Bobadilla Estación from the A-384), the MA-6406, which leads to Almargen from the A-7278, over four kilometres of the MA-6408 (Fuente de Piedra to Los Carvajales) and six kilometres of the MA-4100 (the access to Villanueva del Trabuco).


Seven roads in the Axarquía also come under this plan. These include parts of the MA-3200 (Rincón de la Victoria to Benagalbón), the MA-3103 (leading to Comares from the A-7000), the MA-3107 (Benamargosa-Riogordo), MA-3110 ( Olías to Totalán), MA-3113 (access to Benamargosa from the A-356), MA-3119 ( Benagalbón to Moclinejo), the MA-3203 (from the N-340 to Cajiz).

Nine kilometres of the MA-5401 in the Sierra de las Nieves (El Burgo to Casarabonela) are also to be improved.

Only two roads in the Serranía de Ronda are to undergo improvement works. Resurfacing will be carried out on several parts of the MA-6400 (the access road to Serrato from the A-367), and works are also planned on the MA-8305 (Algatocín to Jubrique).

And finally, in the Guadalhorce valley the Diputación has planned improvements to the MA-3304 (Cártama-Alhaurín el Grande).