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Malaga leads the drop in unemployment in Spain, boosted by Easter hiring season on the Costa del Sol

Malaga leads the drop in unemployment in Spain, boosted by Easter hiring season on the Costa del Sol

The province closed the month of March with 3,095 fewer unemployed than the previous month and almost 13,000 more Social Security contributors

Tuesday, 2 April 2024, 11:39


Malaga recorded strong job creation in March, with the province leading a drop in unemployment nationally, according to new figures. There were 3,095 fewer unemployed at the end of last month than on 1 March (-2.3%). The number of job seekers now stands at 131,148, the lowest level for March since 2008, according to data released this Tuesday 2 April by the ministry of labour.

Compared to a year ago, Malaga province has 6,512 fewer unemployed (-4.7%). In the national ranking of provinces with the greatest drop in unemployment, Malaga is followed by other provinces with a strong tourist focus during Easter week, such as Santa Cruz de Tenerife (-2,456) and Seville (-2,289). The decrease was extended to 46 provinces and only six suffered an increase in unemployment, Madrid being the main one of them (+701).

The sharp decline in Malaga also helped Andalucía to be the region where unemployment fell the most in March, with 11,374 fewer unemployed, the data shows. It was followed by the Canary Islands (-4,686) and Valencia (-3,998). Unemployment only rose in two regions: Basque Country (+926) and Community of Madrid (+701). According to the data, Andalucía has managed to fall below the 700,000 unemployed (699,533) threshold.

The fall in unemployment affected all sectors of the economy in Malaga, but it was the services sector that pulled the most strongly, taking 2,945 people out of unemployment. Industry, construction and agriculture registered slighter decreases of 172, 74 and 42 people, respectively. The group without previous employment increased by 138 people.

Strong job creation

This fall in unemployment is accompanied by a sharp rise in Social Security enrolment. In March, 12,854 more people were working in Malaga province on average than in the previous month (+1.9%). This increase is the fourth largest in Spain, after the Balearic Islands (+33,322), Barcelona (+17,028) and Madrid (+17,002).

The average number of contributors in Malaga province in March was 696,970, according to the data. The year-on-year comparison shows a big increase in employment: there are 21,990 more people working than a year ago (+3.3%).

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