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Wheat gluten steaks and lentil sausages: Malaga's first vegan 'butcher' opens
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Wheat gluten steaks and lentil sausages: Malaga's first vegan 'butcher' opens

Catalan business El Vegans has chosen the city to open its first store in the south of Spain

Juan Soto


Monday, 4 March 2024, 17:59


On shelves and in display cases there are no chicken breasts, pork skewers or beef tenderloins, but instead there are gluten steaks, lentil sausages and mushroom ribs. El Vegans, a business that defines itself as a butcher's shop of the future, recently opened in the Huelin district and is now the first vegan 'butcher' in Malaga city.

The new establishment opened in Calle Héroe de Sostoa, 27 and occupies a premise of about 80 square metres. At the head of the business are entrepreneurs Jorge García, María Núñez and Óscar Pérez, who arrive in the city with the aim of raising awareness among local residents about the importance of consuming its type of products.

El Vegans has two different areas: the shop itself and a space to host presentations, tastings and even private events. They offer more than 50 different products and among their star dishes are the 'serranitos' (the classic 'san jacobo' but prepared with seitan), barbecued 'nocostillas' (made with mushrooms) or the 'nochorizos' (made with lentils and pea protein).

Jorge García said they have been consuming these type of products at home for a long time and they decided to try their luck after identifying a gap in the market when it comes to vegan products. Initially they saw this type of shop is in high demand across Europe, and then found the company El Vegans.

Not just a shop just for vegans

García said they want to promote a dietary culture oriented towards vegetables. "We don't want to be a shop just for vegans, but for people who are looking for a balanced diet," he said. "These foods come with all the necessary carbohydrates and are tasty thanks to the flavour achieved with various spices," he added. The benefits include improvements in thyroid function and lower cholesterol levels. "You feel light, with more energy and you don't feel tired during digestion," García pointed out.

The new business opened last week at the premises previously occupied by telephone company Digi and has been very popular during its first few days. So much so they have practically run out of products due to the number of people wanting to try them. "We are very happy with the reception from the neighbourhood," García said.

Despite this, the businessman believes there is still a long way to go to make this type of product known to the people of Malaga. "I don't think it's not well enough known and that's why we have to work a lot on social media networks and advertising," he said.

El Vegans was born in 2018 in Badalona and began its expansion process across Spain in 2021. The one that has just opened in Malaga is the first in the south of Spain, although its managers hope to continue expanding the market throughout the country.

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