The scene at Plaza de Uncibay. SUR

Watch as drunk tourist is rescued from underground organic waste container in Malaga

His friends, who had squeezed him into the steel container, were unable to free him and a major police and fire brigade deployment was sent to the scene

Irene Quirante

Thursday, 8 June 2023, 13:34

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A young drunk tourist was rescued by the emergency services from an underground waste container in Malaga city’s Plaza de Uncibay this Thursday morning, after being squeezed into the narrow opening by his friends as a joke.

The incident happened shortly before 1am. At first, his friends tried to pull him back out through the mouth of the steel container by his limbs. The youth's arms and part of his head were sticking out, but he was unable to move any further and was trapped.

Witnesses at the scene, who could hardly believe their eyes, reported the incident to the 112 Andalucía emergency control room. According to a source, the young man appeared to be injuring himself in his attempt to get out of the container for organic waste.

Local Police, National Police officers and the fire brigade were mobilised and an ambulance was placed on alert. The option of cutting open the street container was considered before a group of staff from the cleaning services Limasa arrived when it was decided to dismantle the bin.

In the end, the young man, who was shirtless, emerged unharmed from his ordeal.

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