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Watch as Disney+ Mandalorian mural takes shape in Malaga's Soho district


Belin, one of the most respected international urban artists in Andalucía, created the mural - the only one in Spain - to promote the third season of the Star Wars spin-off

Rossel Aparicio


Friday, 3 March 2023, 13:00


A new graffiti mural promoting the Disney+ series, The Mandalorian has appeared on Calle Tomás de Heredia, in the heart of Malaga's Soho district. It is the only site in Spain that was selected by the entertainment giant

Its creator, Miguel Ángel Belinchón from Jaén, better known as Belin, is one of the most respected international Andalusian urban artists. «I was very excited to be called on for this project. Several pieces have been created around different parts of the world with the promotional mural for Spain being in Malaga».

The mural, titled 'This is the way', shows two different perspectives of a pair of helmeted protagonists of the Star-Wars spin-off series. «The only condition they put on me was that the helmet had to be the main element,» explained the artist who has also included elements of both Spain and Malaga, in particular, in his creation: the sun, a bull, an anchovy, and the blue of the sea in the background. «They are represented but you have to look closely at the mural to recognise them,» he explained.

Beli, who has created murals scattered throughout China, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Paris and Madrid, is a post-neocubist artist who fuses different techniques in his creations such as cubism and realism. «I don't use any type of template or grid to transfer a design to the wall, everything is freehand; by eye.»

This is the second piece that the artist has created in Malaga after he participated in a solidarity project promoted by El Pimpi in 2016. The first painting was in the Plaza de la Judería and inspired by a painting by Pablo Picasso. The artist told of his excitement to return to painting in the city that was the birthplace of Picasso's cubism, which has influenced his work so much.

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