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Watch as angry customer rams his car into bank cash machine in Malaga because 'it wouldn't give him money'

The driver repeatedly reversed and crashed into the ATM for 10 minutes until police arrived on the scene and and arrested him

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Monday, 13 November 2023, 12:06

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Video footage of a driver ramming his car into a bank's automatic cash machine Malaga city several times because it "wouldn't give him any money" has gone viral.

The motorist's vehicle can be seen mounting the pavement on Calle Alcalde Joaquín Quiles in the Ciudad Jardín district at about 12.30pm on Sunday 12 November. Passersby stopped in their tracks and a woman at an ATM steps away while the driver, a man in his 30s, yells at her: "It's not against you, it's against the bank".

The driver then proceeds to ram the ATM, reverses and rams into it again. He repeated this manoeuvre several times as shocked onlookers whip out their phones and record the bizarre incident.

The man drove into the cash machine for around 10 minutes until police arrived and arrested him. He is accused of damaging public property and attempted robbery.

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