Part of the Alcazaba's southern wall is crumbling. / sur

The most urgent repairs to Malaga’s Alcazaba fortress and Gibralfaro castle will be able to go ahead

The works have been needed for some time but the Junta’s Ministry of Culture had rejected them because it wanted to draw up a master plan with an overall strategy for the historic monuments


In recent years Malaga city council has drawn up a number of plans for repairs to the Alcazaba fortress and Gibralfaro castle, but most have been rejected by the Junta de Andalucía’s Ministry of Culture because it wants to draw up a master plan with an overall strategy for all the works that will have to be carried out.

This means that City Hall has been unable to carry out necessary works on part of the southern wall of the Alcazaba, which is currently propped up with planks and metal beams to stop it crumbling. Now, however, it looks as though at least some of the most urgent repairs can be carried out to both historic buildings within the next few months.

The Town Planning department in Malaga has drawn up plans for an initial project and the regional Ministry of Culture has agreed that the works can go ahead without waiting for the master plan. The project has been designed by the Yamur Arquitectura and Arqueología firm, which has worked with the council before on determining what needs to be done to maintain the Alcazaba and Gibralfaro.

As well as supporting the crumbling southern wall of the Alcazaba, these initial works will include the pérgolas in the café area, a wall by the Haza gate which is in danger of collapse and the containing walls of the gardens.

At the Gibralfaro castle, the works include repairs to the sewage system, two ancient sentry boxes which have been propped up for years, and the access path to the castle, which is subject to flooding when it rains because of inadequate drainage.

These works will cost around 150,000 euros, which is more expensive than it would have been if there had not been so many delays. The contracts will be put to tender once official approval has been received from the Junta de Andalucía.