Hiper Asia Líder is about to close on Avenida de Velázquez in the city. Francis Silva
Two of Malaga's biggest Chinese bazaars close their doors

Two of Malaga's biggest Chinese bazaars close their doors


Residential developments are set to go up in their place

Juan Soto


Tuesday, 18 April 2023, 20:01


Two of Malaga’s largest Asian bazaars are set to close their doors and will be replaced by two new residential developments.

Hiper Asia Líder, one of the largest stores in the city, is about to shut, while Bazar Landia, another significant store has already closed its doors on Carretera de Cádiz, but is still selling off its remaining merchandise.

Hiper Asia Líder has been operating at 92 Avenida de Velázquez since the start of 2012, just months after the transport company Portillo abandoned its warehouses at the site. It has a surface area of about 16,000 square metres, making it one of the largest Asian businesses in the city.

The land was acquired by Ádsolum, a newly created company belonging to the Altamira doValue group, which plans to develop a rental housing project and a hotel or office building.

As reported by SUR, the 37 million euro operation would have two parts: a ground floor building plus seven levels to house a total of 108 flats for rent, and on the other plot; a ground floor level plus 14 for tertiary use that would be used to house a hotel or offices.

The two plots would be occupied by different housing developments.

Housing would also be built just a few hundred metres away, at Bazar Landia, on Avenida de Los Guindos.

The developer, the Neinor Homes group, has acquired the plot to build the Botanik Homes six-storey residential development.

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