If the tourist tax is introduced, it will be levied on visitors who stay overnight. salvador salas
The mayors of Malaga and Seville are both in favour of a tourist tax in their cities

The mayors of Malaga and Seville are both in favour of a tourist tax in their cities

Francisco de la Torre and Antonio Muñoz say it would contribute to the cost of the public services they provide and promotional campaigns



Monday, 22 August 2022, 10:43


The mayor of Seville, Antonio Muñoz, and his counterpart in Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, have met again to discuss different matters relating to industry and tourism in their cities.

They have both said they are in favour of the idea of a tourist tax for visitors who stay overnight, because it would help to finance the public services they provide and the work they do on promotion.

“This is something that Seville council has been suggesting for the past seven years, because we are convinced that it will not reduce the amount of tourism and would provide income which can be used to improve public services and promotion. The fact that two councils like those of Seville and Malaga, which are both major tourist destinations, agree on this will undoubtedly contribute to regulations being drawn up at a regional level which will enable cities and towns to introduce this tax if they want to,” said Muñoz.

Malaga and Seville also work together on some tourism initiatives, such as the Andalusian Soul, in which Granada and Cordoba are also involved.

Spanish Space Agency

On a different matter, at the same meeing Antonio Muñoz obtained De la Torre’s support for Seville’s candidacy to host the future Spanish Space Agency, something for which Huelva is also hoping to be chosen.

"The benefits of Seville hosting these headquarters are not limited to Seville and its metropolitan area, but the whole of the Andalusian region. It is an initiative that provides an opportunity to attract high-tech investment, and both Seville and Malaga have powerful technology parks", Muñoz said.

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