Some of the images from the video of Malaga's bid to host the 2030 FIFA World Cup and the project to extend La Rosaleda stadium. SUR
2030 FIFA World Cup

This is the video of Malaga's bid to host the 2030 football World Cup and what the revamped La Rosaleda stadium would look like

The project to extend the stadium that is home to Malaga CF is being assessed by FIFA after the world football authority's recent visit to the city

Borja Gutiérrez


Friday, 15 March 2024, 19:22


Malaga's bid to host the 2030 FIFA World Cup is making steady progress. The project for the extension of La Rosaleda stadium, jointly supported by the city hall, the Andalusian regional government, and the Diputación, Malaga's provincial authority, is already being exhaustively assessed by FIFA together with all the documentation, that was submitted on time and correctly, after the world football authority's recent visit to the city.

As SUR reported a week ago, a working committee and the architectural firm Morph are already planning a definite schedule for the required changes to the Martiricos football ground, which would look radically different, when everything was completed.

The work would take approximately three years to complete, with a finish scheduled for the end of 2028. The procedures are complex, but the authorities will speed them up as much as possible. In fact, the idea is to have the permits in place for the machines to start work in 2025.

The latest we know of the plans for La Rosaleda of the future has been revealed in an official video of the candidacy bid, which SUR has had access to. It provides more images of what the new, larger and multidisciplinary venue will be like. In just three minutes, the video attempts to explain the different construction processes and their deadlines, and also shows some panoramic shots recreated from outside and inside the future stadium. Renderings are revealed with aerial views that show the impact it will have. But there are also images of what will be seen from the pitch level, the tunnel that leads to the changing rooms and the VIP boxes.

The montage is intended to convince FIFA to back Malaga and it begins by showing a bird's eye view of the entire city. It also reflects the fact that there is excellent transport mobility around La Rosaleda stadium, though this will be much improved as part of the project .

The next thing to appear in the video is a recreation of how the reformation will be undertaken, which is perhaps the most interesting part for the people of Malaga. In this section, it is confirmed that by 2025, the aim is to begin to make this project a reality with the removal of the two roofs over the Tribuna and Preferencia stands. At the same time, part of the stadium's outer structure would be dismantled, revealing a large part of its original skeleton. The intention is that Malaga CF could continue to play their matches there with some special measures in place.

There would also be a great deal of other work needed, especially in the area surrounding La Rosaleda to remove the annexe pitch and other structures in the area, including some Guadalmedina secondary school facilties. Excavations for the future planned car park would be scheduled to begin in 2026, and work could then begin on the structure to support the new stands, which would increase the stadium's capacity to 45,000 spectators. This could be completed by 2027 and signal the completion of three-quarters of the entire project.

Also, other facilities are planned such as a shopping centre and a hotel. In short, this is a great project that will transform the city, especially the Martiricos neighbourhood. It would hopefully go hand in hand with several league promotions for the Blue and Whites' team to enjoy this stadium in the top flight.

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