Lía Gómez and Juan Amate in the Calle Eugenio Gross store. Photo: Salvador Salas / Video: Julio Portabales
This is the outlet in Malaga city offering Amazon returns that drop in price every day

This is the outlet in Malaga city offering Amazon returns that drop in price every day

The chain of Black Days stores is set to expand its network in the province - and further afield - as hoards of shoppers snap up their products at bargain prices

Isabel Méndez


Monday, 4 March 2024, 18:17


It might raise a few eyebrows if you see paddle-surf boards, air fryers or robot vacuum cleaners for just 20 euros or less, but it's all legitimate. A new outlet store in Malaga city offers items returned by customers to Amazon back to the public at bargain prices.

Every Friday you can find new stock, which includes almost everything. Small electrical appliances are the most popular, such as the automatic cleaners, hair straighteners or air-fryers, but you can also buy clothes from Shein and other items from AliExpress.

The owners of the new business, Black Days Outlet, are María del Mar (Lía) Gómez Bustamante and Juan Amate. They opened the first shop in December in the Plaza del Hospital Civil in Malaga city and a month later opened another at Calle Eugenio Gross 43.

The new stock goes on sale on Fridays, a day in which everything inside the store is reduced to 20 euros. From then on, the price drops progressively and on the following Thursday the items (if there are any left) can be purchased for only three euros. The only thing that exceeds the fixed price are televisions, which cost 80 euros (32-inch) or 120 euros (43-inch). In return, they come with a two-year guarantee.

From 600 down to 20 euros

Customers can also buy drones, watches, headphones, toys, objects adapted to special needs - such as for people with autism - and sophisticated sporting goods such as paddle-surfing boards or kayaks. "They are the same things that you can see on Amazon costing 400, 600 or even 1,500 euros and that you can find in this shop for 20 euros or less," the owners said.

This is because it can be costly or complicated for the Internet giant to return a purchase to its place of origin and so it chooses to offer it at a lower price on certain platforms that those responsible for Black Days Outlet use to replenish their stock.

"We often buy blindly, we get lorry loads of items from Amazon and until we open the boxes we don't know 100% what we are going to find," they pointed out.

Shein and Inditex clothing

In addition to small appliances, they also sell furniture from the Amazon Basic range ("similar to Ikea", the owners said), as well as returned clothes from Shein and other items from AliExpress. Tuesday is fashion day, with clothes and accessories for only five euros from Shein and Inditex, a group with which they have recently reached an agreement to be able to sell their returned garments.

Amate and Bustamente said the reception to their shops has been "spectacular", and so they plan to increase their network in Paseo de los Tilos and Calle Héroes de Sostoa, in Malaga city. They will also make the leap to the province, with shops in San Pedro Alcántara, Rincón de la Victoria, Vélez-Málaga and Antequera in the coming weeks. They will also expand their presence in Cordoba, with another new shop in the city, and will open in Algeciras in Cadiz. "We have received many requests from all over Spain to open shops with us in the two months since we started," they said.

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