Owner José Andrés Jiménez at Almijara Casual Bar. Migue Fernández
These are the 53 latest restaurants in Andalucía to appear in Repsol's good food guide for Spain

These are the 53 latest restaurants in Andalucía to appear in Repsol's good food guide for Spain

Five new ‘Soletes’ in Malaga province make up the list of new additions in the region, which now total 557

Marina Martínez


Sunday, 22 October 2023, 09:02


With the change of season comes fresh recognition from the Repsol Guide for the pick of the best restaurants in Andalucía. The transition to autumn brings us a new batch of award winners, ‘Soletes’, in which to enjoy this season.

In Malaga city, the publication recognises five businesses with these distinctions "that reflect the trends of the moment": Almijara Casual Bar, that "up and coming neighbourhood bar" located in the Perchel area and which has been growing for more than thirty years thanks to the hard work of José Andrés Jiménez; Desal Café, where sisters Azahara and Violeta Rabasco serve authenticity, and a very Malaga brunch, in the heart of Calle Ollerías; El Muro, a bar with an independent spirit in Muro de San Julián, well known for its beers; La Campana, a classic tavern in Calle Granada; and Zury, a small oasis in Calle Santiago with a focus on slowing down and enjoying the moment.

These five new ‘Soletes’ make up the list of 53 awarded in the region, which already has 557 of different categories since the birth of this gastronomic distinction in the summer of 2021.

Since then, the awards have been classified into six different categories. There are bars, bars and taverns, for when you feel like having a beer or a soft drink and a snack; cafés and patisseries, for breakfast and snacks of homemade pastries or freshly roasted coffee; restaurants and eating houses, for a good menu or fine dining in an affordable place; or wine bars and cocktail bars, where you can enjoy a glass of wine or a cocktail at a reasonable price.

The Repsol Guide considers that urban areas "have become the natural environment for fast good cuisine, with a quick and simple, but honest and well-made proposal, which has taken root in record time". In this latest edition, the guide's experts have tried to select establishments which “are a reflection” of each town or city. In total, there are now almost 3,600 establishments with the Solete Guía Repsol sticker on their doors. In this eighth edition, presented on Thursday in Santander, there are 350 new ones.

Repsol's new ‘Soletes’ in Andalucía:

-Almeria: Capri, Salitre Bar de Vinos, Bar Nevada and La Dulce Alianza.

-Cadiz: On Eguin, Casa Lazo, La Tabernita, Las Banderas, La Cepa Gallega, Nono, Listán Wine Tasca, Taberna La Sorpresa, Alamar and El Chicuco.

-Cordoba: Argus, Casa El Pisto-Taberna San Miguel, Taberna Bar El Olmo, Bar Casa Lucas and El Bar De Paco Morales.

-Granada: La Algarabia, Churrería Aya, La Sitarilla, La Botillería, Bar Poé and La Taberna de Pitru.

-Huelva: Taberna El Condado, La Bohemia and Coma Tapas y Punto.

-Jaén: La Manchega, El Gorrión, Montana, Fígaro, Casa Domingo, El Hortelano, La Barra and Panaceite.

-Malaga: El Muro, Desal Café, La Campana, Zury and Almijara Casual Bar.

-Seville: Mono, Fatouch, Le XIX, Naked and Famous, La Barra de Inchaust, Justa Rufina, Alimentari, Virgen Coffee, Maquila Bar, La Urbana and Taberna La Sal.

-Jerez de la Frontera: Krômbol Bakery.

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