The chapel at Muelle Uno (Pier One), which will house the image. Moreno
Virgen del Carmen image commissioned for chapel at Malaga's Muelle Uno

Virgen del Carmen image commissioned for chapel at Malaga's Muelle Uno

The work, to be carried out by the sculptor Juan Vega, will form part of the events celebrating the 150th anniversary of the founding of the city's original Port Authority

Ignacio Lillo

Friday, 3 May 2024, 16:26


The Port Authority has prepared an extensive programme of events to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the creation of the Port Junta, the organisation that initially oversaw the management of Malaga port that has now become the institution of today that governs this key trading area of the city.

Among the port's many iconic buildings, one stands out for its religious significance and importance to the people of Malaga: the chapel at Muelle Uno (Pier One). The Port Authority has already commissioned the Malaga sculptor Juan Vega to create an image of the Virgen del Carmen, which will go on the altar of the chapel.

The initiative has been warmly welcomed by the port community to the extent that the work will be sponsored by popular subscription including dockers, other port workers and many companies operating there.

High-level office complex on Heredia quay

One of the most significant projects for Malaga port and the city, the construction of a high-level office complex on Heredia quay, will still take at least two more years to get started. This was announced on Labour Day by Port Authority president Carlos Rubio, who stated that the main reason for the delay was in the procedures required to secure an agreement with the tax authorities on the construction of a new headquarters for Customs and Excise.

The new building, which will be financed by the Malaga institution and will be located next to Alameda de Colón gate, is still awaiting final agreement with central government. The move for Customs is imperative in order to free up that part of the space for the 27,000 square metres office complex project that will have four low-rise towers and a large underground car park.

As for the planned auditorium on San Andrés quay, Rubio backed the town hall's proposal to buy the land for 11 million euros. So, by the end of the year the plot will be in municipal ownership and work can begin in 2025.

The seated figure will be of a considerable size and will be kept safe inside the shrine to prevent vandalism. It will, however, be accessed for special celebrations. The aim is to present it officially in public on the feast day of Carmen in 2025, following restoration of the chapel too.

The commemorative activities include a big celebration with the presentation of awards to some well-known, deserving people, which will take place at the cruise ship terminal. There will also be an exhibition of old documents detailing the port's history in the Palmeral, the city's La Farola (lighthouse) will be lit up with the logo of the event, a special National Lottery ticket and a commemorative coin will be issued, along with various publications.

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