The Pharmacy cocktail bar moves to new location in central Malaga
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The Pharmacy cocktail bar moves to new location in central Malaga

The new premises will have a feature where customers will be treated to an immersive bar experience

Almudena Nogués

Friday, 5 April 2024, 16:45


One of Malaga's great cocktail bars, Speakeasy The Pharmacy, is packing its bags. Located in calle García Briz it has outgrown the premises with the owners looking for more space and greater comfort for its customers.

The bar, which boasts the golden aesthetics of the great Gatsby era has moved, but not very far, from number 3 to number 1 on the same street. The Pharmacy will now occupy what used to be the coffee shop Mr Nilsson, which closed last Good Friday after five years.

"The opportunity came up and we didn't think twice. At weekends our premises are too small and for operational reasons - to be able to continue growing - we needed to take this step," pointed out Elías Bentolila, head of the art deco business that opened its doors back in 2018. With the change, The Pharmacy will first of all gain space: "We will go from 130 square metres to about 200, which will give us many more possibilities," the bartender pointed out. It will also allow the business to expand its offer and host everything from private events to workshops and masterclasses.

"On the top floor we want to set up an immersive bar that allows the customer to have a more interactive experience"

Bentolila said the aim is to open its doors in June. The initial idea is to create two distinct spaces. The ground floor would maintain the original speakeasy atmosphere. The speakeasy concept, which originated in the 1920s, goes back to alcohol prohibition in the United States, and its hallmarks are dim lighting and relaxed jazz music in the background.

"We want to create an access system with keys or passwords to reinforce the feeling of a secret bar," Bentolila added.

Details of one of the cocktails of The Pharmacy.
Details of one of the cocktails of The Pharmacy.

Meanwhile, the upstairs floor will focus on the philosophy they were already committed to in The Pharmacy - a tribute to the world of botany that draws on the ancient use of alcohol and distillates for the production of tonics in apothecaries. But the premises will have a new feature: "We want to set up an immersive bar that offers the customer a different, more interactive experience," Bentolila said.

The entrepreneur was studying business management and administration when distillates crossed his path while he was working in bars on weekends. His passion made him travel around the world to visit the great cocktail meccas, from London to Berlin to New York. The journey ended with the opening in Fuengirola of the Speakeasy Jazz Club & Cocktails, which is today a cult venue on the Costa del Sol. In spring 2018, his younger brother made his debut in Malaga city opening The Pharmacy. It has won the award for Best New Cocktail Bar in Spain at Diageo's prestigious World Class Competition.

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