Members of the Malaga Local Police wear their new uniforms Salvador Salas
Local Police in Malaga get a new look with short-sleeve polo shirts and berets for some
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Local Police in Malaga get a new look with short-sleeve polo shirts and berets for some

Officers have already been spotted out on the streets sporting the updated uniform, which tackles some weather and visibility at night issues

Irene Quirante

Wednesday, 1 May 2024, 11:47


Local Police officers in Malaga have a new look. On Monday the new uniform was rolled out, and it added some changes to the total navy blue look, such as fluorescent yellow for the helmets of officers on motorbikes, or the incorporation of garments such as berets and short-sleeved polo shirts for some officers.

The predominant colour will continue to be the navy blue with its corresponding chequered white stripe, with badges and insignia permitted by current legislation worn on uniforms.

However, the new uniform takes into account the weather conditions. Also, from Monday 29 April, policewomen will be able to wear skirts or trousers and all municipal staff will have access to short-sleeved polo shirts, which they are sure to appreciate on hot days.

The dress code stipulates officers may also wear a thin blue jacket or windbreaker fleece if they wish. However, members of the same police patrol must wear the same clothing, whether it be a short-sleeved polo shirt, windbreaker or fleece, according to the new regulations.

The regulation summer berets are also a novelty in the clothing of the Local Police, although only for the officers who form part of the Operational Support Group (GOA) of Malaga's Local Police force.

The new uniforms also incorporate shoulder pads and a PVC chest plate. The colour of the crash helmets of police officers on motorbike patrols also changes. They are now fluorescent yellow, making them easily visible both during daylight and at night.

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