Workers at the Malaga TechPark. SUR
Survey reveals four out of ten Malaga TechPark workers live outside the city

Survey reveals four out of ten Malaga TechPark workers live outside the city

Teleworking and the high cost of Malaga's housing market have contributed to the surprise findings of a survey of 25,000 staff

Nuria Triguero


Friday, 14 April 2023, 12:34


Four out of ten workers employed at the giant Malaga TechPark live outside the city, according to new research. Of the nearly 25,000 people who work at the site, 10,000 (41%) did not live in Malaga city, a survey commissioned by the TechPark showed. About 12% of workers lived on the western side of the Costa del Sol, 10% travelled from the Guadalhorce region to work and 9% lived on the eastern part of the Costa.

There could be two reasons behind why so many workers have relocated outside the city; the popularity of teleworking in the wake of the pandemic and the high cost of Malaga city’s housing market.

The study, carried out in the first two months of this year, also revealed 8% of the Malaga TechPark’s employees (2,000) lived in other provinces. This percentage was close to zero in the three surveys carried out between 2008 and 2019.

Within the city of Malaga, the district preferred by workers was the centre, accounting for 13% of employees. The next most popular places of residence within the city were Teatinos-Universidad (10%), Carretera de Cádiz (9%) and Málaga Este (8%).

The study also found that if the metro was able to reach the site, it would only be able to serve 39% of the workers, as the rest lived in other municipalities or in districts of the city that do not have access to the underground.

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