A meeting to finalise details of security measures at the Fair, at Malaga City Hall on Monday. / salvador salas

High police presence at Malaga Fair, with a drone to give a bird's eye view and controls to prevent needle spiking

The week-long event is expected to be attended by over six million people


Malaga Fair starts on Saturday and so does a massive security operation to guarantee as few incidents as possible during the week-long event.

Civil Protection volunteers will be on duty and, for the first time, a police drone will be flying over the fairground to give a bird’s eye view of what is going on.

The drone that will be used to monitor the summer fair. / sur

The city centre, where the daytime fair takes place, will also be monitored by 36 CCTV cameras. Each day, 456 Local Police officers, 1,570 National Police and 130 Guardia Civil officers will be on duty, and the Guardia Civil will also control traffic at the entrances to the city and on the bypasses. There will be more drink-driving checks and extra patrols.

Needle spiking

The authorities have also announced that there will be more exhaustive checks and controls with metal detectors at the entrances to leisure venues, to prevent cases of chemical submission through ‘needle spiking’, when substances are injected into victims in crowded places. Similar methods have been used in the past to stop people taking bottles into the fairground, said Malaga’s councillor for Security, Avelino Barrionuevo.

He also explained that plain clothes police officers will be on duty at the fair, mingling with the crowds to help keep people safe.