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Spanish central government refuses to finance Malaga's America's Cup hopes

Spanish central government refuses to finance Malaga's America's Cup hopes

The government's Malaga delegate confirmed that the Executive already has a commitment with the city so that they can host the 2027 Expo



Friday, 25 February 2022


The central government's delegate for Malaga, Javier Salas, yesterday put an end to Malaga city mayor Francisco de la Torre's ambitions of securing financing from the State to aid the candidacy to host the Americas Cup.

The decision came as a surprise to the mayor, who had formally requested that the central government take on at least 20 of the 30 million euros that it would cost to expand the pier attached to the Levant dock (ADL) in the port of Malaga, which would serve as a base for the competing teams.

"The government is working towards improving the province's infrastructures at the port, the airport, the train system and the road network, which all depend on the State.

But the government doesn't have the responsibility of financing Malaga city hall's supposed aspirations to host the Americas Cup, because it escapes our area of competence," the delegate said, who assured that the Executive is concentrating on getting the European funds to the province and, through the State budget, "ensure that the province has a just recovery, with financing towards local businesses."

Javier Salas reinforced that the government has a "clear and decisive compromise with [the city's] 2027 Expo", which the council of Ministries has already agreed to; and assumed the responsibility of presenting that candidacy to the organising body, located in Paris.

"There is a clear and serious compromise on the Spanish government's behalf and we are working towards [the Expo]," said Salas.


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