Red carpet rolled out for 'The Snow Girl' premiere in Malaga

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Red carpet rolled out for 'The Snow Girl' premiere in Malaga

The Netflix series based on the bestseller by Javier Castillo had its first screening at the city's Albéniz cinema last night, after a star-filled photocall



Thursday, 26 January 2023, 12:18


As dusk fell in Malaga city on Wednesday evening dozens of onlookers were treated to a star-filled photocall on Calle Alcazabilla ahead of the premiere for 'The Snow Girl' at the Albéniz cinema.

Stepping onto the red carpet, and against a backdrop of panels with images from the Netflix series shot in Malaga, were a parade of celebrities to launch the thriller based on the bestseller by Javier Castillo.

Singers Diana Navarro and Pablo Alborán said to applause: "We have to support everything that comes from Malaga and this is going to be a great show".

The excitement was at its peak when the stars arrived: Milena Smit, José Coronado and Javier Castillo along with the rest of the cast: Aixa Villagrán, Tristán Ulloa, Loreto Mauleón, Julián Villagrán, Raúl Prietrán and Cecilia Freire, as well as the directors Laura Alvea and David Ulloa.

"This is the greatest gift they can give you as a creator of stories," Javier Castillo told SUR at the event.

Also attending were Pol Monen, Jaime Astrain, Lidia Torrent, Carlota Corredera and Alba Molina.

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