Six arrested in Malaga after 469 kilos of drugs found among meat products

The marijuana and hashish were hidden in frozen food boxes in an industrial warehouse in the city


Tuesday, 21 March 2023, 11:20


Spain’s National Police have arrested six people after seizing 440 kilos of marijuana buds and another 29 kilos of hashish, which had been hidden among frozen meat products in an industrial warehouse in Malaga city.

The six were held for their alleged involvement in drug trafficking, membership of a criminal organisation and false documentation.

In the course of operation 'Bobo', five police raids were carried out in Malaga province. As well as the drugs, 79,650 euros in cash, four high-end vehicles, 14 mobile phones and fake ID documents were seized, among other items, according to a police report.

Forklift truck

The investigation, carried out by officers attached to the Drugs and Organised Crime Unit (Udyco) at Fuengirola police station, began months ago, after receiving information about the existence of a criminal gang based on the Costa del Sol, which was trafficking narcotic substances hidden in legal merchandise.

As the investigation progressed, the officers learned that the gang was planning to use a disused industrial unit, which had previously been a warehouse to store meat products.

Noise coming from the unit led officers to believe that the gang was in the final stages of preparing a shipment of drugs and a search was carried out. Inside the building there were several disused cold storage rooms and it was in one of them, whose access was blocked by a forklift truck, that the marijuana was found.

More drugs were discovered hidden among frozen products in poor condition being stored on pallets. Officers seized 440 kilos of marijuana and another 29 kilos of hashish.

The inestigation is being led by courts in Malaga and Fuengirola.

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