Electric motorcycles for rent by the minute. FRANCIS SILVA
Silence to offer electric motorcycles for rent in Malaga by the minute

Silence to offer electric motorcycles for rent in Malaga by the minute


The company, from the Acciona group, puts 50 vehicles into service, competing with Yego and Cabify

Ignacio Lillo


Friday, 24 February 2023, 19:44


A new electric motorcycle rental service has started operating in Malaga. 'This is Silence', belonging to the Acciona group, will be the first to offer both leasing and the option of purchasing the vehicles at the new dealership opened today by the mayor, Francisco de la Torre.

To hire one of the 50 motorbikes already available, customers simply have to download the free 'Silence Connected' app. Once registered and your driving licence has been verified (a car licence is valid), the motorcycles are ready to go. With the app, you can locate the nearest vehicle and its battery charge level.

The bike is ready and equipped with two helmets in the rear carrier and priced at 0.29 euros per minute, although, during this first week, users will get a 90% discount as an introductory offer. This company is competing with similar ones already established in the city, such as those of Yego and Cabify.

«Shared mobility is here to stay, the way of moving around the city is going to change and it will be increasingly efficient,» says Francisco Guillén, CEO of Grupo MEI. According to his calculations, for just three euros you will be able to cross the city on one of the rental motorcycles.

Buy an electric motorcycle

If after renting a bike you fancy owning your own: this is now an option with the new Silence dealership. The motorcycles are designed and manufactured in Spain and offer a battery subscription service, which for 15 euros per month and ensures that one is always 100% available. The batteries are removable, like a suitcase on wheels, meaning you can take it home and charge it in a household socket.

Silence has two models in its catalogue, a high range, S01 and the cheaper S02, with prices starting from 4,000 euros. The new store on Calle La Orotava has an outdoor charging and battery charging station, available to its customers.

Iván Maura, director of expansion and business development of the Acciona group brand, said that they will soon also offer electric minicars without needing a licence.

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