Second-largest drive-in cinema in Europe to make way for festival organiser in Malaga

Second-largest drive-in cinema in Europe to make way for festival organiser in Malaga

After a successful two-year run, Autocines Malaga is handing the site over to a local business that has staged more than 50 concerts during the summer period

Regina Sotorrío


Friday, 20 October 2023, 13:07


Europe's second largest drive-in cinema, Autocines Malaga, is shutting its doors after opening on the city's Guadalhorce industrial estate just two years ago.

Sabatic Fest, a festival organiser which has throughout the summer been holding concerts at the venue, will now take over the space. "It will be a site that will accommodate a wide variety of activities, from corporate events to concert series, parties and other celebrations," said the company Malaga Forum, producer of Sabatic Fest.

Just a few days Sabatic Fest confirmed that it would return for the summer of 2024 after attracting more than 100,000 attendees in its first year. Among their line-ups were classic names such as Gloria Gaynor, Bonnie Tyler and Boney M., as well as urban music idols such as Saiko, María Becerra, Natos y Waor, Maikel Delacalle and Emilia, among others.

Despite only being there for two years, Autocines Malaga, which arrived in the province as the second-largest drive-in cinema in Europe and with an attractive American aesthetic of the 50s was hailed a "success story" by its promoters Tamara Istambul and Cristina Porta. It had national box office records for some films and a large number of people attending its summer cinema programme, they added.

Sabatic Fest is yet to announce its plans for the space, but organisers have already said that in addition to music and events, there will be pop-up shops, craft stalls and food trucks.

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