Back to school in Malaga. / ñito salas

Normality has finally returned to classrooms and playgrounds as new school term begins with no need for face masks

Over 146,000 infant, junior and special education pupils went back to the 467 schools in Malaga province today


The song Mi Primer Día (My First Day) by Los Aslándticos was playing as the children at the Domingo Lozano school in Malaga lined up outside this Monday morning, 19 September, ready to go in and start the new term. It must have felt like the first day of their new lives, as well, after two years of pandemic restrictions.

Normality has finally returned to classrooms and playgrounds: masks are no longer needed, class bubbles no longer exist and the children can mix freely and were able to hug and kiss their friends after the long summer break.

The Domingo Lozano school in the Carranque district of the city is one of 467 which began the new academic year today, 12 September. It has nearly 400 pupils, of the 146,635 who attend infant, junior and special needs schools in Malaga province.

Certain problems in the pandemic

Parents and grandparents who had brought the children to school for this first day also seemed relieved that things are more normal now. Head teacher Silvia Frey said the pandemic had resulted in certain problems, not only in terms of coexistence but also educational development.

“Some pupils are suffering from some delays in non-verbal communication, where gestures and movement of the mouth are essential, because that was not possible when face masks had to be worn,” she said.

She also said the teaching staff were feeling very motivated and looking forward to the new school year. Everyone was happy that the restrictions of the Covid pandemic are, hopefully, now a thing of the past.