Purificación García will open next to Carolina Herrera, in the Plaza de la Constitución. Salvador Salas
Spanish fashion giant Purificación García returns to Malaga after five-year absence

Spanish fashion giant Purificación García returns to Malaga after five-year absence

The Galician designer's store will open in the coming months in the Plaza de la Constitución, next to another new arrival - Carolina Herrera

Juan Soto


Monday, 22 April 2024, 12:17


Spanish fashion giant Purificación García is about to return to Malaga. The famous designer company will open a store in the coming months in Plaza de la Constitución, which will mean a return to the city centre after more than five years of absence.

The Galician fashion firm is going to set up shop next to Carolina Herrera, which is also about to arrive in the city centre. Between them, they will occupy the premises previously occupied by El Corte Inglés, on the corner of the plaza and Calle Compañía.

The opening date is not yet known, as they have not yet obtained the building permit for the refurbishment of the store (they have been waiting for almost a year), but both have already put up the first informative signs announcing their upcoming arrival.

Both fashion brands are part of the Lonia textile company, so it is expected that they will share space in one of the most important commercial areas of the city. The two-storey building is 530 square metres in size. Before opening, the premises will be divided into two sections so that the businesses can operate independently.

The chosen premises were occupied for 15 years by El Corte Inglés, although it decided not to renew the lease at the end of 2019. Subsequently, the space was then considered by an international company, although the operation fell through with the arrival of Covid. Once the pandemic was over, the new tenant had no doubts that it was the ideal place to display its collection.

Purificación García has several points of sale in the city, although this store will be the first one at street level. It is currently present in different El Corte Inglés centres (in Malaga and Marbella) and in the La Cañada shopping centre in Marbella. It also operates an outlet shop in McArthurGlen Designer Outlet.

The expected opening date is still unknown, as the building permit has been awaited for almost a year

The return of the Galician firm is eagerly awaited by fans of the fashion world. Five years ago, Purificación García had a shop in Calle Doctor Felipe de la Cuesta Alarcón, 1, parallel to Calle Larios. This establishment remained in the centre for around 20 years, although it closed and is now occupied by another fashion company.

Both Purificación García and Carolina Herrera will arrive in Malaga at a good time, as data shows they increased their sales by double digits in the last financial year . Purificación García surpassed the barrier of 100 million euros after increasing its turnover by 21 per cent; while Carolina Herrera exceeded 300 million euros after growing by more than 24 per cent.

Upcoming openings in the centre

The jewellery outlets Quera and Marcos are also about to arrive in the centre, both of which will be installed in premises on Calle Larios. Both firms have also put up their opening signs, although they have not provided any information about the date when they will open. The first of these is a firm from Gerona, which will open its first branch in the province in premises of more than 650 square metres; the second will be the firm from Malaga, which already has another establishment in Calle Larios and which will use the new shop to increase its commercial weight.

However, they will not be the only openings in the area. The sports brand Adidas and the perfumery Primor are also going to take up positions in Calle Larios. The sports brand will occupy the premises previously occupied by Pull&Bear, while Primor will move into the former Springfield premises. Both operations were announced in January of this year, so it is still too early to know when they will materialise.

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