A visualisation of the initial Sacaba Beach venue. / SUR

Public see red over Andalucía Big Festival's proposed move from beach to city location

Social media networks are full of comments from people demanding their money back: "They have the right to ask for a refund", says consumer group FACUA Malaga


"I hope you process refunds because this is a disgrace. I bought two tickets for a festival on the beach, not in a venue that you pull out of your sleeve after having announced something quite the opposite. We planned to travel a long way just for this. I can't believe it ...".

This is one of the many comments on social media networks to the recently announced change of location of the Andalucía Big Festival, which was originally to be held at Sacaba Beach and is now planning to move to the fairground location of Cortijo de Torres due to unfavourable technical reports citing environmental, mobility and meteorological issues.

Referring to the concrete plot in Cortijo de Torres the festival organisers tweeted that the "location has everything it takes to be the home of the festival and our audience for years to come, see you very soon!".

But that hasn't gone down well with many ticket holders set to enjoy the 8-10 September event by the sea.

"The least you can do is return the money to those who no longer want to go to the festival, since you have not fulfilled what it was in the beginning? Many, like me, decided to go to the festival because of the venue," Álvaro wrote on his Twitter account.

For the moment, Andalucía Big Festival has not commented on the issue of ticket refunds. But consumer rights group FACUA Malaga told SUR customers have the right to claim a refund. "The right to a refund is included in the Andalusian Law on Public Shows, in articles 14 and 15. They have the right to ask for a refund of everything they have paid. This is considered a change in the conditions – the beach is not the same as the fairground," said Lola Garcia, president of FACUA Malaga.

The festival was presented by promoter Mad Cool as one of the major summer events in Andalucía and Spain with artists and bands such as Muse, Rage Against the Machine, Los Planetas, Jamiroquai and Vetusta Morla, among others.