The first new public toilet has been installed in the Plaza de la Marina. / salvador salas

Malaga spends a pretty penny on new self-cleaning loos and smart bins

The public toilets, which are free to use, are being installed around the city centre and the contract to supply the bins has just been put to tender


Malaga council has just spent 757,000 euros on five self-cleaning public toilets for the city centre, and has just put to tender the 726,000-euro contract to supply 120 smart waste bins for the same area and seafront promenades.

The new loos, which are free to use, will be in the Plaza de la Marina, the Paseo del Parque (Avenida de Cervantes, opposite the Pedro Luis Alonso gardens), Cortina del Muelle (opposite Calle Cañón), Mundo Nuevo, on the corner with Victoria, and on the Pablo Ruiz Picasso seafront at El Morlaco.

Bins will warn when they are getting full

The new 120-litre rubbish bins will have a solar panel to generate the power needed to crush the contents, and sensors to alert the municipal cleaning company, Limasam, when they are getting full and will need emptying.

The council says there will be 50 of these containers for solid urban rubbish on the seafront and 30 in the historical city centre, and another 40 for lighter waste will be installed all along the coast. The contract is only for supplying the containers; Limasam will be responsible for maintaining them.