The tower in the Port has been designed by José Seguí. sur
Spain's culture Ministry does not intend to oppose skyscraper hotel Malaga Port

Spain's culture Ministry does not intend to oppose skyscraper hotel Malaga Port

During his visit to the city, Miquel Iceta said the plans for the high-rise building do not contravene any laws but the final decision does not depend on his Ministry

Francisco Griñán


Friday, 18 November 2022, 19:03


Spain’s Minister for Culture, Miquel Iceta, had welcome news for those behind the project to build a skyscraper hotel in Malaga port during his visit to the city on Thursday. “Our technicians do not see anything to indicate that the plans contravene any laws,” he said, and his Ministry does not intend to oppose it.

Originally the Ministry had begun to investigate for two reasons: one was the visual impact of the tower in general and the other was because a process is under way to classify La Farola lighthouse as a Building of Cultural Interest, and that might be affected if the tower was allowed to go ahead.

In the end neither of these arguments was supported by the Ministry, although Iceta pointed out that it had been obliged to investigate after a warning from Icomos – Unesco’s Internacional Council for Monuments and Sites – that the tower could spoil the landscape.

Iceta did, however, point out that final approval for the project is not dependent on the Ministry. The town planning process is linked to a special plan which is currently awaiting an environmental impact report and authorisation from the State Ports Authority, he said.

People become fond of high-rise buildings

Earlier, the Minister had spoken with the Cadena Ser radio station and said he is generally in favour of high-rise constructions.

“They are going to be able to build the tower in Malaga Port and over time, the same thing will happen as it does with nearly all high-rise constructions, most people become fond of them,” he said, and quoted as an example the New York skyscrapers, the tower blocks in Barcelona which “people see as a symbol of the city” and the high-rise buildings in Benidorm.




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