The information desk at the Clínico hospital. / sur

Doctors say coronavirus pandemic has made more people want to give up smoking

Experts at the Clínico hospital in Malaga have a special unit to help people overcome the addiction and set up an information desk to mark World No Tobacco Day

Ángel Escalera

Staff at the pulmonology department at the Clínico hospital in Malaga have joined the campaign to raise awareness of the importance of giving up smoking, to coincide with World No Tobacco Day today, Tuesday 31 May. The head of the department, José Luis Velasco, said that more people realised the dangers of respiratory illnesses during the Covid-19 pandemic and have decided they want to stop smoking.

The Clínico provides assistance to patients and staff who want to give up the habit, and each year around 500 people receive support and treatment and are monitored as they try to overcome their dependence on tobacco and improve their health.

This special unit opened in 2106. The patients are interviewed in their first appointments to ascertain their personal situation, and then a plan of action is drawn up to help them stop smoking.

Referred from other departments

The head of this unit, Álvaro Martínez, said that patients with illnesses related to smoking are referred from other departments such as cardiology, vascular, gynaecology and urology and, of course, pulmonology.

Staff from the pulmonology unit set up an information desk at the Clínico hospital today, World No Tobacco Day, and it was attracted quite a lot of attention.

“In our department, we are here to help people who want to give up smoking and we offer them all the support they need to succeed,” explained nurse Estefanía García.