The iconic centre has held 2,600 events. SUR
Palacio de Ferias congress centre celebrates its 20th anniversary with a desire to expand

Palacio de Ferias congress centre celebrates its 20th anniversary with a desire to expand

The striking Malaga venue has become one of the most important in Spain and has hosted some 2,600 events, fairs and congresses in total

Matías Stuber


Wednesday, 22 March 2023, 11:23

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The success of Malaga city’s congress centre, the Palacio de Ferias, was celebrated at a gala to mark 20 years since its inception on Tuesday, 21 March. The unique building, designed by the architect Ángel Asenjo, is now a much-loved landmark which has held some 2,600 events, fairs, and congresses. It is estimated that more than 9.6 million people have passed through its halls and rooms during the last 20 years.

The gala event was attended by the regional Minister of Tourism, Arturo Bernal, the Mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, the President of the Diputacion, Malaga's provincial authority, Francisco Salado, and the President of the Andalusian Confederation of Businessmen, Javier González de Lara, among others.

Junta de Andalucía Minister of Tourism, Arturo Bernal, talks with the moderator of the 20th anniversary event at the Palacio de Ferias. Salvador Salas

Speaking at the event Arturo Bernal said: "Today is a day to congratulate ourselves and a day to celebrate the success of the public-private model." The tourism chief said that the people of Malaga have a lot to thank the businessmen and the Chamber of Commerce for as "they were able to push for the implementation of this infrastructure".

Bernal spoke of a desire to see the centre expanded as did Francisco de la Torre, who noted that it will become a necessity if the city gets Expo 2027. "The congress centre is a perfect instrument to boost Malaga's economy, it is very well located, but we need more similar spaces," De la Torre said.

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