Tthe note was inside a package of sportswear. / sur

The curious note a Malaga couple received in a package they ordered online

A woman they don’t know, who was born in the city but now works in Holland, put a handwritten letter in with their pack of T-shirts, saying how much she missed her birthplace


It was like a 21st-century version of a message in a bottle. “Greetings from Holland to beautiful Malaga, which I miss more than anything else in the world,” was the beginning of a letter which Francisco López and Marta Nieto, who live in the city, found inside a package of T-shirts they had ordered on the internet.

They had purchased the items from the official O’Neill website, a well-known brand in the world of surfing. “When the parcel arrived, inside with the T-shirts was a handwritten note, but we don’t know who it was from. All we know is that it was written by someone who obviously misses Malaga,” they told SUR,

The sender described herself as “a woman from Malaga who spends eight hours a day at a table, packaging goods” for the brand, and after saying she hoped the recipient would enjoy their new clothes “wherever you wear them”, she signed off with a typical Malaga expresión: ‘Ojú, qué pechá!’, meaning “Oh, I’m so fed up!”

Although the couple’s relatives and friends have been sharing the message on WhatsApp, they do not use social media so, for the moment, at least, they still have no idea who their anonymous Malaga-born correspondent could be.