Visualisation of Malaga's third public hospital. / SUR

This is what Malaga's new state-of-the-art public hospital will look like

The new health facility will require an estimated investment of 380 million euros and it will take approximately 60 months to complete

Ángel Escalera

Malaga's third public hospital, which is to be built on the site of the Civil Hospital, will be a 'bioclimatic, efficient and highly technological' building that will serve the city for decades to come, according to the Malaka NHM joint venture which has been awarded the contract by the Andalusian regional government to draw up the project design and construction management of the health facility. The joint venture is made up of the architectural firms AIDHOS Arquitec, specialising in hospital architecture, Estudio Lamela and the engineering firms SENER and ARCS Estudios.

The future hospital will be able to easily adapt to the continuous changes in medical technology and will offer a much more personalised medical service than previously available. Malaka NHM said that design principles and improvements will be implemented to humanise the hospital spaces and measures will be put in place to minimise noise. The hospital will also utilise the latest information and communication technologies.

The new health facility will require an estimated investment of 380 million euros. It will take approximately 60 months to complete, meaning that the hospital will not be finished until 2027.

The building complex will be divided into four towers with 15 floors, 12 above ground and three basements. The hospitalisation area, which will occupy eight complete floors, will have 810 rooms and a day hospital with 108 places, as well as four intensive care units units, 42 operating theatres, 48 major outpatient surgery places, 189 outpatient consultations, 31 special examination rooms and a teaching and research area.