New CarMEI dealership in Malaga Ñito Salas
New high-end Chinese car marques set to hit the roads in Malaga

New high-end Chinese car marques set to hit the roads in Malaga

CarMEI Group has opened an official dealership for the distribution of DFSK, SERES, Invicta Electric and SWM vehicles in the city

Ignacio Lillo


Saturday, 9 September 2023, 08:47


High-end Chinese car brands will soon be hitting the road in Malaga after a new Asian dealership opened in the city.

The MEI Group officially opened the CarMEI dealership on Thursday 7 September and it's located on Avenida de Los Vegas on the El Viso industrial estate. The dealership represents four Chinese car marques: DFSK, Seres, SWM and Invicta. The offer combines electric and combustion engines cars, and ranges from microcars to mid- and high-range passenger cars; as well as industrial and commercial vehicles (cleaning and transportation etc.).

"Almost all of them actually have Italian design and German and European technology," said Francisco Guillén, CEO of the MEI Group and manager of the CarMEI Group. "Some of these brands have been bought by Chinese funds and companies, but they are European," he added.

DFSK and Seres are the second largest shareholders of the Stellantis group, together with the French state. CarMEI has distributed DFSK since 2020, but only one model. Now there are three, which are yet to hit the road in Malaga.

The price range varies from 7,000 euros for a microcar to 20,000 euros for an SUV, "which competes with the cheapest cars on the market but with a much higher quality". Higher-end vehicles range from around 27,000 euros to 40,000.

"In October, a premium range of the Seres brand will arrive, the SF5, which competes directly with the Tesla," Guillén said. It will cost 60,000 euros, with a range of 700 kilometres of autonomy and 500 horsepower.

In addition to Malaga, the company runs operations in five provinces of the Andalusian region.

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