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New 80-million-euro Amazon logistics centre in Malaga moves one step closer

New 80-million-euro Amazon logistics centre in Malaga moves one step closer

The city council has received the development project after almost two years of paperwork and design adjustments

Jesús Hinojosa


Friday, 5 May 2023, 16:24


A new Amazon logistics centre in Malaga city has moved one step closer.

The plan is for the online retail giant to occupy a 119,000 square metre goods, storage and distribution centre. But the development, valued at 80 million euros, has had to go through a series of urban planning procedures, which have taken longer than expected.

The Intelhorce site will be developed by Montepino after acquiring it from the previous owner Mayoral.

One of the steps required was the approval of an urban planning study that was endorsed by the council in August 2021. At that time, Montepino started the next stage with the presentation to the Municipal Urban Planning Department of the project for the development of the land for the logistics centre. But this document has not yet been validated by the City Council.

In September 2021, planners requested that a development project be presented and not a project for ordinary urbanisation works, which is not the same thing. Montepino delivered the project in March 2022 and it was then sent to different municipal bodies for their assessment. They identified changes and corrections that needed to be made to the project, which was resubmitted by the developer last January.

But planners again found errors in the document and required the company to make further corrections. The latest version of the urbanisation project was presented last April.

This Friday, 5 May the the local council allowed it to go forward for processing, with a series of reports and previous adjustments, including making the works compatible with the future widening of the old Cártama road.

But approval of the development project for the Intelhorce land is still pending. The document must now undergo a process of public consultation, and new reports must show how the development will be environmentally friendly.

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