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Almost 100 private hire vehicle drivers at Malaga Airport booked so far this year for failing to comply with regulations

Almost 100 private hire vehicle drivers at Malaga Airport booked so far this year for failing to comply with regulations

The main offences are not keeping a passenger contract record book and accepting customers without a prior booking

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Monday, 29 April 2024, 17:03


Local Police officers in Malaga have launched a new surveillance campaign on private hire vehicles (VTCs) in a bid to control their "intrusion" in the taxi sector at Malaga Airport and other high-demand areas such as Malaga Port, train and bus stations.

Malaga city council pointed out in a statement, so far this year, officers have carried out more than 1,500 checks, resulting in 110 tickets being issued - 98 of them at Malaga Airport - for failing to comply with current regulations. In addition, the owners of four vehicles were also reported for carrying out passenger transport activities without a licence or municipal authorisation.

The city council said, as every year, the police force is reinforced around the airport as the number of flights increases, with both uniformed and plainclothes officers deployed.

In terms of VTC drivers, 98 of the aforementioned 110 complaints were registered at the airport, where a total of 465 have been recorded over the past year. The main offences are not having or completing the passenger contract log book (a minor offence with a fine of between 201 and 300 euros) or attracting customers without prior booking in high-demand areas (a serious offence with a fine of 601 euros).

However, there are also reports of complaints for lack of insurance and lack of obligatory signage. There are also preventive interventions such as the cancellation of services contracted to take families with children without child restraint devices in the car.

Inspections are also carried out jointly with the Junta de Andalucía's transport inspectorate as a result of the collaboration agreement Malaga city council and the regional government signed in July 2021 "in order to ensure compliance with transport regulations, avoid situations of fraud and combat intrusion in the sector".

Officers check that the driver has picked up customers through prior booking, as well as checking compliance with the rule that only 20% of the services performed in a quarter can be provided outside the region where the driver's authorisation is domiciled.

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