Students at the start of the new degree course at the University of Malaga on Tuesday. Marilú Báez
More than 300 miss out on a place for new 'pioneering' degree course at Malaga university

More than 300 miss out on a place for new 'pioneering' degree course at Malaga university

UMA was overwhelmed with applicants and could only squeeze 67 students onto the new course, of which six are female

Francisco Gutiérrez


Saturday, 16 September 2023, 20:26


A new cybersecurity and artificial intelligence (AI) degree course at UMA has been so popular it's left 350 students without a place.

The course was launched at the university this year, and quickly became one of the most sought-after degrees. Cybersecurity was the seventh most in-demand first-choice course after medicine, nursing, primary education, psychology, law and early childhood education.

Cybersecurity and artificial intelligence was the first choice for 351 men and 69 women. The initial offer was 65 places, although 67 students were enrolled, leaving 353 students who listed it as their preferred degree without a place. Only six of the students in the new course are female. The new degree comes after the computer engineering course, which had 55 students, was cancelled this academic year.

Medicine was the first choice for 921 of the students who passed the selection exams in June, although last year there were 1,033. The Malaga faculty has 182 places for new students. Nursing was the first choice for 822 students (828 last year) with 165 new places. Primary education had 687 applications and psychology, 638. Meanwhile, law maintained its fifth place from last year, with 470 applications and 325 places in the first year.

The director of the ETSI Informática, Manuel Enciso, welcomed the new cybersecurity and artificial intelligence students on Tuesday 12 September, the first day of classes. He said it was a "pioneering degree in Malaga and in Spain". He thanked the young people for "your courage in opting for a new degree, but one that has a spectacular future, with a growing demand for experts in these subjects".

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