Mochi poses inside the Teatinos shop in front of its owners. Salvador Salas
Mochi Café, the first coffee shop opened by a dog in Malaga
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Mochi Café, the first coffee shop opened by a dog in Malaga

The shiba inu of two Argentinian entrepreneurs has given its name and image to two new premises that have opened in the city

Juan Soto


Monday, 29 April 2024, 17:35


Mochi is a shiba inu, a cheerful and playful dog breed from Japan. He is barely a year old, but is already the owner of two cafés in Malaga. Although it does not appear on paper, the dog is the real owner of Mochi Café, a new business that bears his name and image, and which aims to grow throughout the province.

Mochi Café opened in Calle Pacífico number 29, a stone's throw from the beach; and just a week ago it opened its second premises in Teatinos, in Plaza Pintor Sandro Botticelli 6, next to the coloured fountain. Its main attraction? The speciality coffee and Mochi.

Behind the new catering business are Argentinian entrepreneurs Rodrigo and Luciana, who also own the restaurant José Herencia de Cocina in the Perchel. They said that even before opening the eating house they already had plans to create their own cafe, although the project was delayed until the right opportunity came along.

Both are very keen coffee drinkers and decided to start up in the hospitality sector after realising how difficult it is to find a quality product in the neighbourhood. At first, they were thinking of opening in the city centre, but while they were looking for premises, they realised there was already a wide range on offer in the old town and so they opted for the neighbourhoods, where they now feel at home.

Inside the Teatinos cafeteria.
Inside the Teatinos cafeteria. Salvador Salas

At Mochi Café everything has a Malaga flavour. The coffee they offer is from Mountain Coffee and the beer is Brutus, both made by small local producers. You can also try ice cream (supplied by an ice cream parlour in Malaga city), mochis (a typical Japanese sweet made with rice paste) and all kinds of homemade cakes.

The first of the businesses, located in the Huelin area, is a small place designed to take away, while in the second one they hope to have a large clientele of both families and students. They have also added a brunch, which they offer only on weekends but hope to change that to every day.

With the student population in mind, they are working on incorporating cocktails and even some speciality coffees. "We think it could work very well," they said.

Although in just a few months they have already opened two stores, Rodrigo and Luciana's aim is to continue growing. They are currently looking at the El Palo area and are studying the possibility of franchising the brand in the near future; initially in Andalucía and then in larger Spanish cities. Although for this, Mochi will have to travel all over the country.

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