A group of friends arriving in Malaga for a stag party. francis silva
Costa del Sol mayor calls for crack down on stag and hen party noise and disturbance

Costa del Sol mayor calls for crack down on stag and hen party noise and disturbance

Francisco de la Torre wants sound level monitors to be installed in some tourist accommodation and insists he will not allow Malaga to become an “uncontrolled city"

Matías Stuber


Tuesday, 10 May 2022, 18:54


They’re back. The outragious outfits and group T-shirts with dubious slogans. The good weather and easing of Covid-19 restrictions have attracted stag and hen parties back to Malaga, the capital of the Costa del Sol.

Alcohol is a basic feature of these parties, and with it come the hullabaloo and unrestrained noise. Business owners and residents in the city centre have been complaining about the disturbance recently, the former because these parties damage Malaga’s image as a quality tourist destination, and the latter because they can’t sleep for the noise.

The mayor, Francisco de la Torre, announced this Monday, 10 May, that the council will not allow Malaga to become an uncontrolled city and plans to take measures to prevent it. One idea is to install sound level monitors inside some tourist accommodation, although he didn’t give any details about how this would be done, so the authorities can take action if there is too much noise. He said that anyone who comes to the city has to abide by coexistence regulations and the council will take strong action if they do not.

Although he admitted that the number of complaints has increased in recent weeks, he also said that in the city centre there were no more than five calls a day to complain about noise.

Bar and restaurant owners have always seen this type of tourism as more negative than beneficial. Before the pandemic the Mahos association had already complained about “unseemly behaviour” and said “this is not the image we want to give and that is why a lot of restaurants refuse to accept stag parties”.

Now, with normality returning to Malaga, the controversy about stag and hen parties in the city has come back with it.




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