Man who repeatedly rammed his car into Malaga bank's cash machine: 'My daughters don't have enough to eat. I am desperate'
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Man who repeatedly rammed his car into Malaga bank's cash machine: 'My daughters don't have enough to eat. I am desperate'

The investigation is ongoing, however the driver of the vehicle produced a negative breathalyser result although he does have several police records

Juan Cano


Tuesday, 14 November 2023, 13:22

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Josef was with his daughter. He had just paid money into an automatic cash machine at a Malaga city bank when he was waved aside by an angry driver who was later arrested for ramming the ATM machine with his vehicle for around 10 minutes on Sunday 12 November.

Passersby captured footage of the bizarre incident at the La Caixa bank branch on Calle Alcalde Joaquín Quiles, which then went viral on social media. Josef was with his daughter and had just finished using the cash machine in the Ciudad Jardín district about 12.30pm when he heard the noise of a car engine behind him.

When he turned around, he saw a silver-coloured car mount the pavement. "The driver started waving us out of the way and then crashed into the cash machine," Josef said. He did not speak to him or hear him say anything. All he remembered is that the music inside the car was very loud. "I wasn't scared, but my daughter was," Josef added.

At their home, Antonio and his wife also felt the vibrations when car impacted against the structure of the building. "When my wife and I looked out, there were already people on their balconies," he said. Antonio, like so many other residents of Ciudad Jardín, could see from his apartment how the driver repeatedly reversed and rammed his car into the branch of La Caixa. After about four or five attempts, the car became wedged between the concrete pillars and the bank's facade. "He didn't get out. He stayed inside waiting for the police to arrive," Antonio said.

When officers arrived they asked the man to stop the engine and get out of the car. When the 45-year-old stepped out of the vehicle he told them: "My daughters don't have enough to eat. I am desperate".

Police breathalysed him where he returned a result of 0.06, well below the alcohol level permitted (0.25) and he also showed no signs of being under the influence of drugs. The man has a previous record for robbery and confrontations with police officers, according to sources.

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