Forensic investigations at the scene. Salavador Salas
Man held after woman falls to her death from sixth-floor window balcony in Malaga

Man held after woman falls to her death from sixth-floor window balcony in Malaga

Police are investigating the circumstances as it emerged the South American victim, who had only been in Spain a short time, had called a friend to say she was afraid

Juan Cano


Sunday, 23 April 2023, 09:09


Spain’s National Police force is investigating the death of a woman after she fell from the sixth floor of a building in the Teatinos district of Malaga city. Officers have arrested the man who she was with in the property until it is clear if he is involved in any way in the incident.

At 6.40am on Saturday, 22 April, both the 112 Andalucía and police control rooms received calls from neighbours alerting them to noise coming from an apartment on Calle Juan de Robles, very close to the City of Justice. Apparently, one of the callers said that there was an argument taking place.

National Police vehicle at the scene. Salavdor Salas

Several National and Local Police patrols rushed to the scene and found a woman had fallen around 20-metres from a window balcony of a sixth-floor property. Paramedics could do nothing to save her life.

The property from which she fell is the home of a 46-year-old Bulgarian man. When police went to the apartment, he was arrested due to the possibility that he could have been directly or indirectly involved in the woman's fall.

Police enquiries identified the victim as a 42-year-old South American. Although initially it was investigated whether they were a couple, enquiries have since ruled this out. It appears that the woman had been in Spain for a short time.

Everything indicates that the victim met up with the man, who was partying at the property. It has not been revealed if they previously knew each other or had friends in common. At the scene, police allegedly found cash on a table and traces of drugs.

The sealed-off apartment. Salvador Salas

The main hypothesis that police are investigating is that during the early morning there was a discussion and that the woman felt in danger. In fact, she even contacted a friend of hers to tell her that she was afraid. What remains to be clarified, according to sources, is whether that fear caused her to accidentally fall from the balcony or if the man had an involvement in the incident.

On Saturday morning, forensic officers were seen trying to take fingerprints from the small window balcony from which the woman fell to find any evidence to allow them to reconstruct what happened. The investigation, which the Homicide Group has taken over, remains open.





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