Malaga's nativity scenes make Christmas spirit shine

Malaga's nativity scenes make Christmas spirit shine

The council has published a guide with 81 scenes to see in the city

Juan soto

Monday, 5 December 2022

Malaga city council has released its traditional nativity scene guide for its locals and visitors to enjoy over the festive period. This year there are 81 scenes in the city which have been included in both a paper and virtual guide that includes geopositioning.

The council's festivities department has published 5,000 leaflets which have been distributed in both the municipal information office and tourist offices.

The guide can also be collected from the city hall's municipal nativity scene and will be available in several establishments in the centre.

This year's guide is much more complete than last year's, which only included when around thirty due to the Covid-19 measures still in place.

The complete document can be accessed on the website, which includes the address, opening hours and other information of interest.

During the presentation, city councillor Teresa Porras, thanked all the organisations that contributed "so that the people of Malaga and those who visit us can see them".

The municipal nativity scene, one of the city's biggest is in the city hall in Avenida de Cervantes 4. It is open until 6 January 10am-2pm, 5-9pm.

Others are located in churches, the cathedral, museums, and the premises of religious brotherhoods and associations, among other locations.

Zoom in on the map to find more.



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