An artist's impression of the proposed Expo 2027 site on the outskirts of the city. SUR
Malaga's big Expo 2027 challenge is to be a prime example of a sustainable city

Malaga's big Expo 2027 challenge is to be a prime example of a sustainable city

It won't be until June that the city will find out if has enough support for its bid to beat the other contenders to host the international exhibition

Jesús Hinojosa / Ignacio Lillo


Friday, 3 March 2023, 13:44


An expert panel made up of those responsible for Spain's successful Expo events in Seville in 1992 and Zaragoza in 2008 has told the Malaga delegation bidding for Expo 2027 that their challenge is for Malaga «to become a prime example of a sustainable city». The comments were made at a forum organised by SUR on Wednesday this week.

Carmen Bueno, director of thematic pavilions at Expo 92 and consultant for Malaga's candidacy, explained that in the case of the Seville exhibition «everything had to be done», but for Malaga «it doesn't need as much infrastructure».

«The great transformation of Malaga with Expo 2027 is to become an example of a green city,» she added.

Those thoughts were echoed by Javier Monclús, professor of Urban Planning at the University of Zaragoza and one of the heads of Expo 2008, who said that the exhibitions «serve to discover things».

Monclús recalled that the 'green ring' of Zaragoza was developed as a result of the 2008 exhibition, with a large urban park. «The Malaga exhibition is an impressive project. It is very well put together and will meet the challenge of how a city can move towards being more sustainable,» he added.

Carmen Bueno recalled that the people of Seville were initially reluctant to attend Expo 92. However, months before there was a change in attitude that contributed to the success of the event, which attracted millions of visitors to the city. «Expos have changed cities, but the impacts are different depending on the level of development of the city in question,» she said.

Francisco Pellicer, deputy general director of content at Expo 2008, explained that «an Expo does not expire. An event like this generates excitement in a city that feels attractive and interesting to outsiders, and that intangible and emotional legacy has to be maintained».

It won't be until June that Malaga will find out if there is enough support for its bid to beat the other contenders: Thailand, Argentina, Serbia and USA.

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