Malaga ranks as world's top alternative urban getaway, according to Forbes

Malaga ranks as world's top alternative urban getaway, according to Forbes

From a Google search of hundreds of cities, Malaga is first in the list of most popular alternatives to countries' capitals


Monday, 13 February 2023, 14:12

Forbes magazine has ranked Malaga as the best city for an urban getaway, in a list that does not take into account the capitals of the countries.

"Visit for yourself and you’ll soon see why the world’s eyes are turning to this stunning corner of Andalucía," enthused the magazine, which analysed 420 cities from 89 countries.

Conducted by the Premier Inn hotel chain using Google search data for hundreds of destinations around the world, not including the capitals, Malaga came out on top.

According to data, Malaga is the most popular alternative capital for a city break, with 478,000 global searches performed annually for 'Holidays in Malaga'. Known for its idyllic beaches, lively culture and delicious food, Malaga is proving popular with visitors looking for less obvious cities to visit this year.

Forbes journalist Duncan Madden further explains that "Madrid is already overshadowed by its more famous coastal neighbour, Barcelona. But Barcelona is not the second city of choice, perhaps thanks to its reputation as a crazed tourist hotspot already bursting at the seams with visitors."

Instead, he says, “Malaga's gorgeous beaches and free attractions like La Alcazaba and Gibralfaro Castle are attracting people from far away. The birthplace of Picasso and home to the Picasso Museum (free on Sundays!), visit for yourself and you'll soon see why the world's eye are turning to this stunning corner of Andalucía.”

The floating city of Venice ranked second among alternative destinations, with 262,000 searches. "Considered one of the most picturesque cities in Italy, surpassing Naples, Florence, and Pisa, its network of winding canals, striking Renaissance and Gothic architecture, and ornate bridges are just some of the things that make the city truly unlike any other."

The US city of San Francisco came third in the ranking, beating New York City and Los Angeles and receiving 237,000 monthly searches worldwide.



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