The solar pergolas will provide shade for employees' vehicles. / ñito salas

Malaga Port installs solar pergolas which are expected to power 80% of its lighting

The solar panels in the employees' car park outside the Port Authority building will also provide shade for the vehicles


Malaga Port has embarked on an emblematic solar energy project which will not only allow it to produce its own electricity but will also change the appearance of the area around the Port Authority office building, opposite the Plaza de la Marina.

A series of solar panels are currently being assembled in the form of pergolas in the employees’ car park, and they are designed to provide shade for the vehicles parked there. The plans were for an installation of 284 Kwp (kilowatt-peak) of nominal power, but because there will be two 110 Kw inverters, the real maximum energy potential will be 220 Kw.

There will be 1,325 metres of photovoltaic panels in total, and they are costing nearly 704,000 euros. As Malaga is one of the European cities with the highest number of hours of sunshine each year, this solar installation will be able to produce up to 384.66 megawatt hours of electricity.

The energy generated would be the equivalent of 80% of that used by the lighting in the port all year. The works began in February and are expected to be completed in July.

Green Port project

This project is part of the second phase of the Puerto Verde (Green Port) initiative, which includes the purchase of a fleet of electric and hybrid vehicles which will be powered by the energy produced by this new pergola.

In the previous stage of this plan, all the skylights of the Port Authority building were replaced by solar panel modules last year, to generate some of the electricity used by the offices inside.

Other projects under the Puerto Verde initiative have included the planting of large palm trees along the Levante wharf, flowers on roundabouts and plants around the mouth of the Guadalmina river, close to the area where the future San Andrés marina is to be built.