Megayachts lined up at Malaga's Muello Uno. Marilú Báez
There's a waiting list for berths at Malaga's megayacht marina

There's a waiting list for berths at Malaga's megayacht marina

The transfer of vessles from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean means that it's 'full house' at Muelle Uno and port managers are looking for more space

Ignacio Lillo


Friday, 10 May 2024, 15:20


There's a waiting list at Malaga's megayacht marina; six of the world's biggest megayachts are currently moored between Muello Uno and two (Palmeral). This is the second time this has happened so far this year, first being in mid-March, although the demand wasn't as high then as it is now.

This effect occurs in May because it is the time of the transfer of ships from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean, which are two of the hot spots for the world's luxury nautical tourism routes. In this transit, Malaga, due to its strategic location in the strait, has become one of the most desirable ports of call, where crews take the opportunity to rest for a few weeks before the start of the summer season.

As a result, there are currently four medium length yachts (from 40 to 70 metres) waiting to dock in Malaga. As such the port management company IGY Málaga Marina and the Port Authority are looking for alternative spaces for the boats.

One of the options is Adosado al Dique de Levante (ADL) dock, which is next to the Trocadero-Casa de Botes restaurant and where the Golden Odyssey, the largest megayacht currently docked in the city, at 123 metres in length, is currently moored.

Several other boats have requested space but they are so large that there would not be space in any case, so their requests have had to be rejected. But for the four medium-sized boats that are waiting, the port authority is looking at the temporary use of the part of quay number two (muelle dos) which is reserved for small luxury cruise ships.

Making space

The experience of the last few months has shown that Malaga is particularly popular with owners of super yachts, which are 100 metres or more. There is little competition as other ports in Andalucía cannot offer the space that Malaga does.

Therefore, in the medium term, IGY Málaga Marina is looking at reconfiguring the marina to accommodate at least four or five boats of this type at a time. In any case, the sources consulted stress that the marina has reached high occupancy levels much earlier than expected in its business plans.

As a result, the harbour is already beginning to attract business opportunities, with several companies interested in opening to provide technical services to the owners of these yachts.

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