A workshop at the first CyberGirls Day, which was held in Bilbao.
Malaga hosts fun cybersecurity workshops for girls to attract more female talent to the sector

Malaga hosts fun cybersecurity workshops for girls to attract more female talent to the sector

Places are still available for the free event for girls - between the ages of 9 and 12 - on Saturday, organised by the We Are CyberGirls association with the aim of breaking stereotypes

Nuria Triguero


Tuesday, 30 May 2023, 18:54


Malaga has been selected to host a series of cybersecurity workshops in a bid to attract more female talent to the sector.

CyberGirls Day, held last year in Bilbao for the first time, now comes to Malaga on Saturday, 3 June and will be held at the 42 Malaga venue, where there will be games, workshops and talks for girls aged between nine and 12.

Between 9.30am and 3.30pm there will be six workshops about ethical hacking and they will involve a series of tests and challenges. "The participants will hack a device, learn how to protect themselves online and listen to the experience of women who today enjoy working in the cybersecurity sector and who yesterday were girls with a lot of curiosity, but also many doubts,” the event organisers said.

Following the success of the first CyberGirls Day organised in Bilbao last year, the association prepared two events for 2023, choosing the city of Malaga to accompany Bilbao as the venue for the event.

"Malaga has managed to position itself as a benchmark city for the cybersecurity sector, so it is logical that our CyberGirls Day will hold an event here. We will meet the future 'cyber' women in the place where they will be able to train in cybersecurity and work in the sector," the organisers pointed out.

Breaking down the stereotypes associated with cybersecurity and making it an attractive sector for girls and women is the main mission of the association, founded by women with prominent positions in the sector.

"The stereotype associated with cybersecurity is misleading. There is no need for strength or aggression. The talent of great cybersecurity professionals is based on intelligence and intuition, and we girls and women have plenty of that," We Are CyberGirls said.

"Not attracting female talent to cybersecurity means perpetuating roles that discriminate against women in the most powerful professional sectors and also makes us all more vulnerable, because cybercrime does not discriminate,” they added.

Places can be reserved on the We Are CyberGirls website.


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